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Featuring Lot 4 HW 5 x Sullivan 6651-2 (Full Sib to the 28,000 high selling steer in our 2014 Pasture sale)

Sullivan’s 6651 donor needs no introduction she has put herself in the history books with 5 State Fair Champions to her fame, and who knows there maybe more! I am not sure but I don’t think there his another cow in the business that can claim this title! Sullivan’s 6651 donor and her clones have done it all, producing State Fair Champion Steers, Major Show Champion Females, AI Sire bull known as DSUL UP Grade 6651 and many daughters that are out producing Champions themselves! This same matting 6651-2 /HW5 produced our high selling steer in 2014 at $28,000 that sold to Bonham. This is proof that 6651-2 herself with this mating works and why we really should not even be selling them!! We wanted to share our best and this is it!!! Maybe her 6 State Fair Champion???

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