Stud Beef Victoria Cattle Handlers Camp

We had this submission from Daryl Holder that runs The Cattle Shop; selling Sullivan Supply’s in Australia!!

Stud Beef Victoria Inc. is an association comprised of representatives from affiliated beef and dual purpose cattle breed societies and associations. The key objective of the association is to actively promote the interests of stud beef cattle breeders in Victoria, contributing valuable input to the Australian beef industry.  The commitment to youth development in the beef industry is represented by delivering the annual Cattle Handlers Camp, which includes a tertiary scholarship through its annual Education Award, and the support and development of its youth subcommittee, Young Beef Victoria.The Camp was started in 1988 by Stud Beef Victoria at the Melbourne Showgrounds to ensure that the next generation of stud grooms are properly educated in the necessary skills and responsibilities of stud grooming.Participants of all ages are instructed on many different aspects such as how to make halters and beds, how to wash, groom, clip and generally make their cattle look their best for the show ring, all in a fun and caring environment.The Camp includes a Handlers Competition and a Cattle Show, where participants learn about the commercial world of cattle breeding and showing.Fully supervised by Stud Beef Victoria Committee members, participants from all age groups, backgrounds and differing skill levels are encouraged to attend.

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