Stock Show University | WW Feed & Supply Multi-Species Clinic

Stock Show University traveled to Rock Ford, Colo., for a multi-species clinic on June 11-12. We were thrilled to bring our program to a new group of students! Take a look at some of the shots captured over the two days.

Casey St. Blanc
Professor Casey St. Blanc demonstrates the proper way to clip the neck and top on a calf.

DSC_4794 copy
Ashlyn Alvery and Zeke Foster demonstrating proper whip use while working hands-on with Stock Show University Coordinator, Tyler Gradert.

DSC_4820 (2) copy
Jenna Day, Kalley Crouch, and Alyssa Hancock watch as SSU Intern Demi Powers explains the importance of keeping their lambs feet underneath their animal.

DSC_4866 copy
Kim Juuls instructs while Garret Vandyke, and Hailey and Daxton Books learn some clipping tips.

DSC_4925 copy
Jakup Juuls and Hailey Books work on proper showmanship techniques.

DSC_4881 copy
Hadley Milenski stays occupied during the clinic by checking out one of our Stress Cows.

DSC_4975 copy
Professor Casey St. Blanc demonstrating the correct way to wash a calf.

DSC_4950 copy
Kim and Jakup Juuls teaching Hailey Books and Garret Vandyke leg placement during the showmanship portion of the goat segment.

DSC_4833 copy
Professor Casey St. Blanc works on some hand placement with Alyssa Hancock during the sheep segment.

DSC_4829 copy
Kalley Crouch and Alyssa Hancock learn hands-on from Stock Show University intern, Demi Powers.