Stock Show University – Wisconsin Grad Program

The Wisconsin Grad Program wraps up today in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Yesterday, students learned about proper washing and drying techniques, hair care management, and clipping. In the group discussions, students gained further knowledge about the science behind healthy and hydrated hair, and how to manage fatigue, appetite, and freshness while on the show road.

Comb Stories

Isaac Doyle of Waupaca, Wisconsin, shares his comb story alongside Callyn Hahn, Dean of Stock Show University.

Justin Wedig and Claire Duch Clipping

Justin Wedig assists Claire Duch of New London, Wisconsin, during the hands-on clipping segment.


Attendees prepare for the day’s events by washing their cattle first thing in the morning.

Shea and Combs

Professor Shea Geffert encourages Brittany Renn during the relay race.

Professors and cupcakes

Stock Show University founder John Sullivan competes alongside professors during the World Champion Cupcake Eating Contest.

Group watching clipping

Participants look on during the clipping segment.

Daniel Walsh Clipping

Daniel Walsh enhances his clipping skills during the hands-on segment.

Cupcake Winners

World Champion Cupcake Eating Contest Winners from L-R: Tristan Flyte, Kurt Lehman, Doug Schulz, and Hannah Schultz

Group Photo

Clipping Segment

Professors Shea Geffert, Justin Wedig, and Kurt Lehman demonstrate proper clipping techniques during the clipping segment.