Stock Show University | Texas Grad Program Day 2 Candids

Barydee Thorne learns some clipping tricks from master professor Jeff Sargent.

Kaylee Martinez gets some hands on clipping practice with Site Manager and Show Manager – Hillsboro and Professor Josh Nelson.

Professor Valentine Del Rio giving showmanship advice to Steely and Gentry Gotchner.

Award Picture:
(Back row left to right)
Master Professor Jeff Sargent, Founder of Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University John Sullivan, Senior Most Determined award winner Daylin Watkin, Senior Best Showman award winner Megan Holmes, Senior Future Professor award winner Connor Fisher, Senior Bet Clipper award winner Kylee Evans, Senior Most Improved award winner Kolby Bruhn, Senior best fitter award winner Caleb Hines, Professor Eli Smallwood and Site Manager and Show Manager – Hillsboro and Professor Josh Nelson.
(Front row left to right)
Junior Future Professor award winner Ranch Gotcher, Junior Best Showman award winner Steely Gotcher, Junior Most Determined award winner Braydee Thorne, Junior Most Improved award winner Gentry Gotcher, Junior Best Fitter award winner Jacob Hines, Senior Go Getter award winner Dakota Busby, Junior Go getter award winner Loralie Webb, Junior Best Clipper award winner Karamie Gilbert, Manager of Stock Show university and The Pulse – Hillsboro Tylee Williams and Sales Representative and Professor Michale Luna.

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