Stock Show University | Arkansas Grad Program – Day Two

Dan Sullivan joins in on the fun and gives June Draper some advice during the hands-on Showmanship segment.

Professor and Dealer Charles Hill, explains to Caitlin how the tailhead is supposed to look. Sometimes it helps to step away and get eyelevel with your calf to get a better look.

Professor Chief shows the crowd the most efficient way to dry during the Daily Care Demo.

Lane Schluterman takes the clippers into his own hands to shave his heifer’s head.

Professor Jeremy Clark shows Olivia Moore how to ball the tail of her heifer.

“We aren’t just cows and plows. We are… Leaders & Achievers. Learners & Servers. Teams with Dreams. We are FFA.”

Teamwork makes the dream work! Wes Horn teams up with Madelyn Johnson to clip her heifer’s tail.

Professor Joel Judge explains to Cade Davis the importance of scratching his heifer’s stomach to keep her calm during showmanship.