Stock Show U @ Shorthorn Junior Nationals

We had a great turn out yesterday at the National Junior ShorthornShow Stock Show University. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated. Don’t forget to attend our others clinics scattered across the country at other breed junior nationals.

John Sullivan, founder of Sullivan Supply/Stock Show University along with James Sullivan, Professor and New Product Development.

A truly great lineup of professors were at the clinic (L to R) Gabby Glenister, Assistant Dean of Stock Show U, Professors: James Sullivan, Jennie Johnson, Josh Elder, John Sullivan, Jared Boyert, Tyler Cates, Jess Recknor, Cody Vogel, and Kolby Berg.

James Sullivan, Professor and New Product Development, speaking on how to achieve long lasting healthy, hydrated hair.

Professor Jared Boyert speaking on proper showmanship techniques.

A huge turnout for the fitting portion of the clinic.