Stock Show U Family Fit Off | AIJCA Junior National

Big time crowd for a big time fit off. Were you Team Effling or Team Tlach?

Mark Sullivan, Dealer Relations Manager, welcomes the crowd at the family fit off.

Cagney Effling uses Andis Pulse ZR II clippers to clip the perfect back leg.

Stock Show U Manager, Taylor Harrison, addresses the crowd and shares tips on fitting.

First things first – Sullivan’s Roto Brush for Chesney Effling.

The man, the myth, the legend, Chris Effling uses a Sullivan’s Double Stuff Comb.

Abby Tlach doesn’t monkey around when it comes to balling a tail.

Barry Tlach is all finesse working on the tail head.

I guess you could say Barry Tlach, Mark Sullivan, and Chris Effling stayed “Old School Cool” after the intense fit off – but in the end, Team Effling reigned victorious.