Spotlight | Scott Kinzer, Sullivan Supply New Product Development

Sullivan Supply would like to welcome back, Scott Kinzer to the team. Scott will be a crucial part of our New Product Development team. and we are so excited to have in back in the Sullivan Supply Family!



Scott Kinzer grew up on a farm in rural Dunlap, Iowa where his family ran a commercial Angus herd along with hay and row crops. After high school in Dunlap, he attended college and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He and his wife Leesa have two grown daughters, Paige and Sydney. Both are teachers. We are very proud of their passion to shape the future of young people.


As a youth,  Scott loved livestock, but couldn’t persuade his parents to let him show. Finally, his parents agreed to let him show a breeding heifer but they admittedly could not offer any help, because neither had any experience with showing, so Scott was left to “figure it out” on his own. He gravitated to a school classmate, John Sullivan – Found of Sullivan Supply, Sullivan Farms, and Stock Show University, and learned some of the ropes from him and his family. After college, in the fall of 1990, John Sullivan asked Scott if he would come work for him full time, as he had started Sullivan Supply the year prior. Scott could see John’s passion and ideas for S/S, making it an easy decision for him. He remained with S/S for 24 years until the summer of 2014, and he is now happy to say that at the beginning of February of this year, he rejoined Sullivan Supply and is very excited to be “home” again.





What do you enjoy most about the livestock show industry?
I love the relationships that are created from within the industry. It creates a network that spans across the entire country that lasts for years. This industry builds integrity, character, and responsibility. I also enjoy watching the advancement of livestock breeding that ultimately makes the animals that are shown better each year. Lastly, I love the evolution of techniques used to prepare and show livestock. I get really excited when we can create new products that can lead to that ongoing evolution.


What do you believe Sullivan Supply does for the livestock show industry?
Through the Stock Show University program, S/S has done well to educate the youth on how to exhibit livestock. There are many youths out there that are just like I was, with no guidance to get started or how to do it correctly. I was lucky and found my way. It is our turn to pay it forward for the next generations. I am very proud of the impact that we are making. Secondly, as a supplier of show products, we focus on helping each exhibitor reach the maximum potential that their animal can achieve. Our job is to make your work easier, whether it is daily care, feeding, clipping, grooming or showing. That has always been the goal of every product that we have created. . . peak performance.



What are you hoping to bring to the Sullivan Supply Team?
I look forward to working with the talented and industry knowledgeable team here at S/S. I have a passion for this industry along with the products and services that we offer. I look forward to the new products we create that our customers will love!