So Long Island! | AKSARBEN Stock Show

Judge Ty Bayer takes a final look before selecting the top 5 breeding heifers.

Cal Pryor uses a Phantom Halter on his Reserve Champion Heifer.

Wesley Denton uses the Sullivan’s Powder’ful to fit a belly.

The Stagemeyer Crew was busy in the stalls this morning.

Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive is Zane Ward’s glue of choice when fitting.

Kiera Bremer and team preps her Reserve Polled Hereford for the ring.

Cody Jimmerson works on a belly with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive and Powder’ful.

Sullivan’s Lakeside Lights come in extra handy on show day.

Jake Nikkel glues a tail head with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive.


Dunk is the top line fitting master, but tail heads are another story.