Sioux Empire Livestock Show | Prospect Top 5 Crossbred Steers

Champion Crossbred Steer
Class VI Winner
Sire: This Is It
Dam: 422 (Broker)
Bred By: RJ
Sold By: RJ
Congratulations to Thatcher Werning

Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer
Class XI Winner
Sire: HIA
Bred By: MckVay
Sold By: Goretska, Caldwell, Jones, Bridwell
Congratulations to Ross Howard

3rd Crossbred Steer
Class XI Second
Sire: HIA
Dam: Maternal Made
Bred By: Reimanns
Sold By: Blaine Rodgers
Congratulations to Danica Prins

4th Crossbred Steer
Class XI Third
Sire: HIA
Dam: Primo
Bred By: Miller
Sold By: Line, Taylor
Congratulations to Dexter Rickets

5th Crossbred Steer
Class VIII Winner
Sire: IGWT
Dam: Monopoly
Sold By: Doris, Bonham, Ferguson
Congratulations to Croix Reimann