Simmental National Classic | Stock Show University Clinic

Without all the help from the Professors, these clinics wouldn’t be possible.

Professor Sam Wallace goes a little more in depth about pulling legs and a belly to Andrew Puchbauer.

Seth Callison gets hands on during the fitting clinic and helps paint the offside leg.

Professors work diligently to show the juniors how to dress a heifer.

John Sullivan talks with the other group about maintaining and take good care of Simmental hair.

Master Professor Josh Elder, talks with the kids about how to pull and clip a top correctly on a heifer.

Assistant Dean of Stock Show University, Colby Taber, shows the crowd how to roto brush the heifer after spraying product into her hair.

Professor Tim Anderson perfects a tail head during the clinic.

Professor Garrett Cloud fine tunes a leg while juniors watch closely how it’s done in the background.

Juniors were jumping for giveaways this afternoon!