Showmanship Showdown | National Junior Shorthorn Show

Judges Chelsea and Dylan Evans evaluating the senior showmen.

Haley Alden making her way around the ring.

Concentration is key.

Dustin & Jamie Glover get down low to talk with a P1 Showmanship class exhibitor.

Cindy Cagwin-Johnston is the official photographer and we are excited to work with her this week.

Old pals Matt Woolfolk, Director of Performance Programs for the American Shorthorn Association and Keysto Stotz chatting during the showmanship contest.

All-star volunteer, Jerrell Crow of the Oklahoma Shorthorn Association helping put on this spectacular event.

Harley Sargent, Champion Senior Showman in the heat of the moment during the finals.

Max Eaton getting it done during the PI contest.

Montie Soules, Executive Secretary and CEO, mingling with the members at the event.