Sheeeeesh, Goodnight | American Royal

Typical Billy Widerman always pulling out the clippers when the camera is around.


Kaid Reininger pulls up a front leg.


Hey Melissa give em the Schaak(e) and Awe


Ian McKenzie works on a Hereford heifer tonight.


No surprise, Alec Lapke all play no work.


Caden Curoe and Kinnick Paulsen goofing around in the barn, are we really surprised?


Carlee Clark blows out a heifer in the chute.


You’re a long way from home, aren’t you Ryan?


Matt Scasta dials in a topline.


Jimmy Bernard puts the smoke on one.


Cody Sankey tuning up his showmanship skills.


It’s all fun and games until it takes a gallon of Natural White to wash your Hereford.