Scarlet & Gray Midwest Showdown | Top 5 Heifers Ring B

Grand Champion Heifer Ring B
Sire: Something About Mary
Dam: Annie/Revivalx 59x
Raised By: BCII
Sold By: Guyer/CampbellCo/Francis/CEG
Congratulations to Matt Koverman

Reserve Champion Heifer Ring B
Congratulations to Pacee Miller

3rd Overall Heifer Ring B
Sire: W/C Bankroll
Dam: BNWZ Queen 7477 (Cardi B)
Raised By: CampbellCo
Sold By: CampbellCo Fall Bidoff
Congratulations to Lexi Wright

4th Overall Heifer Ring B
Sired by: End Game
Dam: Irish Whiskey/Angus
Raised By: Blind Badger Ranch
Sold By: Paulsen/Goet
Congratulations to Spencer Goettemoeller

5th Overall Heifer Ring B
Sired By: Bankroll
Dam: Kelli
Raised By: Diamond T
Sold By: Riemann Ranches
Congratulations to Rees Toler