RHD Fall Fiesta Sale

The RHD Fall Fiesta Sale is underway today (Tuesday, October 28th) at https://rhdauctions.dvauction.com/events/46440/lots

The sale has lots of cool genetics from breeders nationwide including:

Club Calf Genetics:
-Embryos out of KBC Draft Pick #108 Donor from Graves Cattle Co.
-Semen on Pioneer from Abrameit Livestock
-5 Ampules on the extremely rare CUNIA bull
-Total Recall Semen
-Steel Force Semen
-Original Man Amongst Boys semen

British Cattle:
-Embryos from vintage Shorthorn semen
– Miss V8 Greta Grey Bo embryos
-N Bar Emulation EXT semen
-Embryos from Happ Herefords Lady Val 9T Donor
-Shorthorn embryos out of GCC Fool’s Pride and SULL Red Stallion

American Cattle:
-Semen on Mr. V8 977/6 – Only 75 units remain on this bull.
-Semen on XL Hanna’s Red Hot Santa Gertrudis bull
-Semen on RDF Sancho’s Never Before Santa Gertrudis Bull
-Embryos out of “The Paint” Beefmaster donor
-Semen on Woodrow, the popular American club calf sire
-Semen on Ward’s Bravo 1/09 Brahman Bull

Submitted by: Ranch House Designs

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