Red Hot on the Island | North American Jr. Red Angus Event

Wash racks were full this morning as the show officially kicked off today!

Layton McMurphy uses a Sullivan’s Rice Root Brush this morning on his heifer.

Rob Dimmitt dances his way into making beds this morning.

Charles and Heidi Anderson and their team at Legacy Livestock Imaging are the Official Photographers of the North American Jr Red Angus Event! You’re sure to see the team around the barns, in the ring, and at the backdrop all week long so be sure to stop by and visit and order your memories!

The Pulse Content Coordinator, Taylor Adcock enjoys a popsicle with Jason and Jane Damman.

Trademark Genetics donated t-shirts to every exhibitor during check-in this afternoon.

Carliee Keelman sports her brand new Sullivan’s Oh Chute! hat today!

Wisconsin’s lone soldier, Tucker Bayer races around the ring with his state flag.

Red Angus Exhibitors! Don’t forget your change and to vote for your favorite surfboard!

Sullivan’s White Touch-Up paint makes great use to paint lines for the Stick Horse Races, as Junior Board Member, Ethan Dickerson, sets the track.

Scott Bayer does in fact not have his horses in the back as he demonstrates the Stick Horse Race to participants.

Shaylee Hartman rides her stick horse in the infamous and annual Stick Horse Races at tonights Opening Ceremonies!