Pike Co. 5th Annual Fall Show Cattle Classic (Southern Ohio Showdown) | Top 5 Heifers

Grand Champion Heifer
Sire: Daddys Money
Dam: Ferrari x Tamale
Bred by: Fulton Kennedy
Congratulations to Fulton Kennedy


Reserve Champion Heifer
Sire: Data Bank
Dam: Daddy’s Money
Bred & Sold by: Parry Show Cattle
Congratulations to Hailey Cornett


Third Overall Heifer
Sire: Final Answer
Dam: Primo x Style
Bred by: John Jacobs
Sold by: Prescott Cattle Company
Congratulations to Emma Helsinger


Fourth Overall Heifer
Sire: Second to None
Dam: Monopoly
Bred by: Cooksey Farms
Sold by: Osborne Show Cattle
Congratulations to Alayna McIntosh


Fifth Overall Heifer
Sire: 1 OAK
Dam: Maine Cross
Bred by: Cummings Cattle
Congratulations to Brayden Cummings