Coming Down the Back Stretch | National Junior Angus Show

Congratulations to Ella Brooks on your Grand Champion Owned Cow/Calf Pair this morning!

Addison Bartlow works her heifers hair.

All the emotions as Ellie Sennett was crowned Champion Bred & Owned Bull today. Congratulations, Sennett Family!

Calling in the big dogs, Adam Miller carves out a back leg.

Congratulations to Dawson Johnson on your Grand Champion Steer today!

Brandon Jones works his magic on a tailhead.

Tyler Musgraves pulls a back leg with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive.

Eric McClure, tries his hand at steers this afternoon.

The look on Coehen Kirchner’s face says it all as Judge, Bob May names his Reserve Champion Steer.

Adam Erickson clips out this back leg.

Today is Will Blanker’s time to shine.

Jace Pipkin watches on as Will Gibson clips a tail head.

Brenna Bartlow blows out her heifer.

Oh Chute..  JW Cox got stuck on wash rack duty.


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National Junior Angus Show | Steers

Grand Champion Steer
Chestnut Conversation 708
Sire: SAC Conversation
Dam: TC Peggy
Bred by: Chestnut Angus Farms
Congratulations to Dawson Johnson

Reserve Champion Steer
CK3 Primo F824
Sire: Colburn Primo
Dam: J K E A Black Betty
Bred by: Coehen Kirchner
Congratulations to Coehen Kirchner


National Junior Angus Show | Bred & Owned Angus Bulls

Grand Champion Angus Bull
Sennett Cartel 20Y
Sire: Colburn Primo
Dam: Gambles Lady 4010
Bred by: Ellie Sennett
Congratulations to Ellie Sennett

Reserve Champion Angus Bull
Jensen The Wall 809
Sire: SCC First-N-Class
Dam: Jensen Rosetta 1425
Bred by: Cale Jensen
Congratulations to Cale Jensen


National Junior Angus Show | Owned Cow/Calf Pairs

Grand Champion Owned Cow/Calf Pair
Dameron Barbara 765
Sire: Silveiras style
Dam: DDA Barbara 1308
Bred by: Dameron Angus
Congratulations to Ella Brooks



Photo Coming Soon
Reserve Champion Owned Cow/Calf Pair
BCC Everelda Entense 176E
Sire: Colburn Primo 5153
Dam: BCC Everelda Entense 144Z
Bred by: Barragree Cattle Co,
Congratulations to Nicole Stevenson


Stock Show University at Brangus Junior Nationals

Professor Levi Douglas teaching how to properly fit a tail head.

Darin Wiley shows students fitting techniques.

A great clinic on this great day at Brangus Junior Nationals.

Professor Darin Wiley and Levi Douglas fit a back leg as students watch on.

Photos courtesy of our friends at Legacy Livestock Imaging. Click below to purchase photos from the Brangus Jr. Nationals.


National Junior Angus Show | Bred and Owned Cow/Calf Pairs

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Cow/Calf Pair
AED Rita 627D
Sire: SAC Conversation
Dam: AED Rita 328A
Bred by: Allison Davis
Congratulations to Allison Davis

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Cow/Calf Pair
Bar S Pride 7617
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: Bar S Pride 7808
Bred by: Jayce Dickerson
Congratulations to Jayce Dickerson


Happy Birthday!

Sullivan Supply would like to wish Aleah Anderson from Iowa a happy 11th birthday