Sullivan Supply Bootcamp | Aberdeen Junior Nationals

It was all high fives and celebrations for the winning team at Bootcamp today!

As always the water balloons were a great way to cool down on this hot afternoon.

Bootcamp attendees look on as Stock Show University Intern, Justin Slabaugh explains the obstacles.

Skye Korroch and her partner Justin Armstrong, slowly but surely move through the course.

Junior Board Member, Taylor Kruger and her partner were synched up and ready to roll for the three legged race.

Nothing but focus from Jera Schoenfeld as she shoots a basket.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the Sullivan Supply Bootcamp a success!


Stock Showin' Salers Style | Salers Junior Nationals

Matty McKee enjoying the day with popsicles with Lane Medlin at Salers Jr. National.

Carson McKay helping big sis Kaylie wash.

Winding down the day at Salers with Quiz Bowl.

Show Dads… sometimes you need an extra hand!

Chloe Boet don’t stop… won’t stop at her 2nd Jr. National this summer!

Chillin with his Villans at Salers!


Heatin' Up on this Wednesday | Maine & Chi Junior National

Kassidy Bremmer was selected as the Champion Senior Maine-Anjou Showman!

Congratulations to Parker Schwarz on being selected as Champion Showman in the Maine-Anjou AND Chinanina Rings!

Blayne Dunklau watches brother and sister, Hadley and Wyatt before it was her time to shine in the novice showmanship.

Congratulations to Sara Sullivan on your Champion Intermediate Chianina Showman!

Abby Wood takes some time to show the ropes.

Great day for a water fight.

Sometimes being the show dad is more nerve racking than being the showman.

Kassidy Bremer and Brooklyn Curtain share a moment after they were selected Grand and Reserve Showman.


Turning Up The Heat In Lawrence | Aberdeen Junior Nationals

Things get intense during a game of UNO while waiting to take cattle to tie outs.

Hey Shane Goss, what’s that on your head?

Apparently it was flamingo day for the Goss family as Shane’s son Tyran hangs out on a flamingo pool float during check in.

Mark Gilles finds the time to catch a quick nap this afternoon.

Justin Armstrong blows out his percentage heifer this morning.

Mathias Bender proudly reps his Blue Monkey tee!

No doubt this calf was bright eyed and wide awake this morning.


Maine & Chi Junior National | Cody McCullough Maine-Anjou Senior Showmanship Top 10

Top 10 Senior Showman
1 – Kassidy Bremer
2- Brooklyn Curtain
3 – Ladd Landgraf
4 – Austin Breeding
5- Taylor Goering
6- Whitney Walker
7 – Derek Humphrey
8 – Ryan Dolieslager
9 – Chas Rowlett
10- Taylor Buffington

Pictured with Judges, Nate and Leslie Ruby and The Pulse Content Coordinator, Taylor Adcock. Along with Chuck and Karen McCullough


Senior Showmanship Finals | National Jr. Maine-Anjou Show

Austin Breeding uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to put all the right moves on this top line.

Eric Walker looks on as daughter Whitney compete in the prestigious contest.


Derek Humphrey smokin’ the topline.

Kassidy Bremer perfecting the back leg.

Brooklyn Curtin getting down to business.


NEW! Sullivan's Slip Stop

Anti-Slip Show Lead Attachment

• Blocks Hand from Slipping
• Easy, Secure Attachment
• Fits Any Show Lead
Slip Stop lead attachment is a great show halter accessory to keep your hand from sliding down the lead when your animal is pulling away from you. For young showman you can use the grip stop to help then choke up on the chain so they have better control of their animal. Made with soft touch durable plastic so it is light weight and comfortable.


Mini Fun Times To Be Had | Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals

Natural White was a huge hit in the wash racks this afternoon as exhibitors prepare for the big show day!

Ella Weldon working hard this afternoon.

Texas exhibitors wait patently to for their turn to make their grand entrance during the opeing ceremonies.

Kye & Tabitha Cornett making the dream work with teamwork.

Sale talk contestant Colton Huesmann could sell ice to an eskimo.

Shae Henry clips a mini.

Exhibitors have fun at opening ceremonies.

Keeping calm and mini-ing on!

Gracey Morphew, Brylee Fuss, Brooke fuss, & Darby & Devri Darbonne stop by the Sullivan’s trailer this afternoon to cool off with a sweet treat.