Over The Hump | AIJCA Junior National

Payton Farmer gets named Champion Senior Showman at the 2020 AIJCA Junior National.

Jeremiah Todd gets 360.

Brady Jensen, Livestock Judging Coach at SDSU leads today’s judging clinic.

WHOA BOONE! 121 entries makes for an intense cornhole tournament.

It’s a tough life being a dad, huh Kage Harris?

Brother-sister duo, Ty Bayer and Calli Spengler evaluate showmanship this morning.

Shayla Dismukes uses Sullivan’s Smart Sensation to work hair after a hot day and a showmanship win.

Is Jacob Hudlow actually working for once?

Judge Calli Spengler picks the top 5 showmen this morning.

Parker Henley talking the class of Charolais heifers.

It was too hot today not to cool off with a fun water balloon fight.