Oklahoma AGR Winter Bonanza | Ring B – Top 5 Females

Supreme Champion Heifer
Champion Simmental Heifer
Sire: Relentless
Dam: Steel Magnolia
Sold By: Bloomberg
Congratulations to Whitney Walker!

Reserve Supreme Heifer
Champion Angus Heifer
Sire: Primo
Dam: Hillard Pride Ever 202
Sold By: Brad Hillard
Bred By: Kimberly Geiseker
Congratulations to Olivia Gerloff!

3rd Overall Heifer
Reserve Angus Heifer
Sire: Primo
Dam: Insight
Sold By: Conley Cattle Company
Congratualtions to Madilyn Norvell!

4th Overall Heifer
Champion Maine-Anjou Heifer
Sire: Epic
Dam: Unlimited Pride
Sold By: Buck/Dupree
Congratulations to Whitney Walker!

Photo Coming Soon
5th Overall Heifer
Champion Horned Hereford Heifer
Congratualtions to Denver McKay!