Oklahoma AGR Winter Bonanza – Ring A – Top 5 Heifers

Champion Chi Heifer
Sire: Big Poppi
Dam: Fun Money
Bred by: Becket
Sold by: Steck and Paulsen
Congratulations to Mason Walker!

Champion Percentage Simmental
Sire: Momma’s Boy
Dam: Lucy
Bred by: Dunk
Sold by: Steck and Dunk
Congratulations to Whitney Walker!

Champion Commercial
Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Majors Money
Bred by: Healy
Sold by: Clark
Congratulations to Chloee Clark!

Champion Limflex Heifer
Sire: Accesive Force
Dam: Limi Cow
Bred and Sold by: Kyle Haley
Congratulations to Tristan Fields!

Champion Polled Hereford Heifer
Sire: Sun Dance
Dam: Roll The Dice
Congratulations to Kya Rhodes!