Ohio Stock Show University Cattle Grad Program | Once upon a time in Lebanon


Who doesn’t love Stock Show University/Sullivan Supply goodies?!


Professor Nathan Campbell explaining the differences between the Sullivan’s adhesives.


Kylie Busam focused and determined to master the hind leg.


Stock Show University Manager, Tess Mittag and Liam Williams excited to get the Ohio Stock Show U Program started!


Caleb Bame using Tail Adhesive to fit a back leg.

Taking notes is a must, just ask Carter Kohorst.


Vika Bonham and Professor Hadley LeVen working hard during the one-on-one clipping session.


Boone Burbage approves of Stock Show University and the Famous Cupcake Eating Contest!
Professor Nick Schroeder giving proper instruction on how to shape a tailhead.

Thank you to Crystal Beneker and the rest of the Southwest Ohio Youth Cattlemen Leaders group for helping host this educational event.


Professors Nate Campbell, Nick Schroeder, and Hadley LeVen are all hands in on the fitting demo this afternoon.


Ashley Bailey pulling up a back leg with PrimeTime Adhesive.


Once upon a time….. Chelsey Williams participants in comb stories over lunch.

Professor Nick Schroeder all about the FAMOUS Sullivan Supply cupcake eating contest with the kids!


Thank you to all the participants and families that attended the Ohio Stock Show University Grad Program!

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