North American Red Angus Show Info.

Here are a few helpful bits of information for all the Red Angus exhibitors headed to the North American Red Angus Event today and tomorrow!!

Directions for unloading: You will need to turn onto Stolley Park Road, which runs along the south edge of the fairgrounds. You need to enter GATE 3! Once you enter Gate 3, proceed to the tie outs; you may unload your cattle there and continue through the tie outs and turn north toward the sheep barn. If your stalls are on the north half of the barn, you may drive along the north side of the barn to unload. If you are on the south half of the barn, you may drive through the center of the barn. Please unload quickly and set up your stalls once you have removed your trailer from the barn. Trailer parking will be directly west of the sheep barn (just north of the tie-outs).

Here are the stall assignments. Tie outs are not assigned, but please be respectful so everyone has space for their animals.


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