No Oklahoma Breakdown Today | National Junior Angus Show

Lexi Stevenson gets her heifer stuck in class.


Alan Miller tries to change the game today with Sullivan’s Game Changer.


Avary Blakey works some hair on her heifer before going into class.


All smiles for Lexi Koelling this morning when she was selected Champion Calf Division 3 this morning.


Judge, Travis Pembrook selects Sara Sullivan as today’s Division 7 Winner.


Mike Deniz Flare’s it all the way up.


Bradshaw Smoot intensely works hair this morning.


Emma Eathington eyes down Judges, John Rayfield and Travis Pembrook before being selected Reserve Division.


Lexi Koelling celebrates with her heifer after a great show day.


Jake Nikkel, don’t you know hay is for horses.


Jack Sellmeyer and his dad put the finishing touches on his heifer this morning.


Whistle while you wash.


The Dal Porto crew steps back to evaluate their work before heading to the ring.


We’re glad Kyle Conley, Cody Sankey and Jeremy Haag, or the Angus Brains as Sankey wanted to be called, stopped talking just long enough to take this picture.