NJSA Eastern Regional (Hamburg, NY) | Purebred Gilts

Champion Landrace Gilt
Sire: OTTN8 Organized Chaos
Dam: LOOF5 Call Me Crazy
Bred by: Daulton Family
Congratulations to Johnnie Ann McDonnell


Reserve Landrace Gilt
Sire: CSV8 Finally
Dam: CKW7 Clocks Ticking
Bred by: Popejoy
Congratulations to Sadie Popejoy


Champion Hampshire Gilt
Dam: NAJO5 TCG New Recruit
Bred by: Joostberns
Congratulations to Sade Popejoy


Reserve Hampshire Gilt
Sire: JLM7 Ignition
Dam: JLM3 Carry On
Bred by: Fecke
Congratulations to Maddie Fugate


Champion Yorkshire Gilt
Sire: SDF8 The Rock
Dam: CDO7 Woolly Legs
Bred by: Hahn Genetics
Congratulations to Lydia Acmoody


Reserve Yorkshire Gilt
Sire: JRS8 Step by Step
Dam: RIY3 Ricochet
Bred by: Beck
Congratulations to Maddie Fugate


Champion Duroc Gilt
Sire: OAB7 Next Chapter
Dam: NBRP5 He’s the One
Bred by: Beck
Congratulations to Hunter McMillen


Reserve Duroc Gilt
Sire: JMG8 Yellowstone
Dam: KTB6 No Rules
Bred by: Brattain
Congratulations to Hallie Landry


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