NJAA herd Pick

Your latest Herd Pick is Sawyer Styles of Brentford, South Dakota!
Sawyer’s favorite part of being in the NJAA is the atmosphere and people. Sawyer says that people in the NJAA are the most amazing friends, mentors and leaders. “The NJAA has given me so many opportunities to grow as a person and I couldn’t be more thankful,” she says.
One of these mentors for her has been Tyler Bush. Tyler not only taught Sawyer things about cattle, but he also set a great example of being a fun, outgoing junior and getting younger members involved.
Sawyer’s biggest advice to new members is to get out and get involved, because the people of the NJAA are the most welcoming and supportive community. She says, “Trying new things will open so many doors and be the best thing you could ask for.”
Sawyer’s future plans are to pursue a degree in the agricultural field, and she is interested in the study of embryology. After college, she plans to remain in the cattle industry.
A fun fact about Sawyer? She can quote the entire Lorax movie!
Way to go, Sawyer!