Sullivan’s Eskimo Throw

During the summer months and warmer days, this towel is a great way to cool off any animal. To activate the cooling technology, simply wet the towel and ring out. Holding the towel by each side, snap it 3-5 times and it is ready to use. The dual fabric technology cools the towel, the more air flow it receives. Having built-in evaporative technology, the cloth stays colder, longer. If the towel begins to lose its cool temperature feel, simply snap the towel again to reactivate. Once the towel is dry, the cooling technology is deactivated. The towel is 40” x 20” making it easy for you to fold and cool more concentrated areas. This three- layer lightweight material is soft and comfortable for you and your animal. Care instructions: machine wash, tumble dry on low heat.


Great for Sheep & Goats!