New Products from the Innovative Leader…Sullivan Supply

Check out these new products that are making waves at the show cattle industry.

Sullivan’s First Class Clipper Caddy – Available January 10th – Pre-Order Today 
The 1st Class Clipper Caddy is a top of the line lightweight clipper caddy designed to hold a variety of clippers in a tough and durable aluminum box, that includes a padded divided section for blades and other utensils. Coated with scratch resistant black or copper hammertone powder coat that completes the luxurious look of the 1st Class Clipper Caddy.

Sullivan’s First Class Show Halter – Antique Brown
The NEW 1st-Class Show Halter combines the class and sleekness of matching leather and hardware with our popular NEW Sullivan’s Showman’s Texturized Grip making it a one-stop shop when choosing a halter. This halter looks clean and flawless in the show ring without drawing attention away from the animal. The black or antique brown
leather option includes Sullivan’s all black or brown hardware, with Sullivan’s black or brown texturized grip.
• The leather, hardware and grip all correspond in color. • A sleek and elegant look without distracting away from the animal.
• NEW Sullivan’s Showman’s Texturized Grip for a comfortable non-slip grip. Patent pending
• Available in Black and Antique Brown.

Textured Grip Stick
Sullivan’s Total Grip Show Stick
The Sullivan’s Total Grip Show Stick is the perfect stick for any professional showman wanting something unique but with a professional look. This all black show stick includes top to bottom coverage of our Sullivan’s Texturized Grip. With a black tip, this is a very sleek designed show stick.
• Texturized portion makes for an easier grip for those who like to choke up.
• Sleek Design is great for showmen that are serious about their look but want
something with a little more edge.
• Great for kids to hold on to, making it less likely to slide out of their hands.
• Available in two sizes: Medium 54” & Large 60”

Sullivan’s Tiger Tooth Comb
Introducing Sullivan’s Tiger Tooth™ comb, with its added 1/2 inch longer teeth, the Tiger Tooth comb is the answer for longer haired cattle.
By adding extra length to the teeth we have eliminated the hair from touching the comb bar, allowing even the longest hair to stand on end.
With our patent pending Teflon coating, this comb will glide through even the longest hair making for leg perfection.
Available in Teflon Fluffer, Teflon Double Stuff, and Sullivan’s Skip Tooth Combs.
Patent Pending

Sullivan’s XL Feed Pan
NEW 45% larger for high fiber feeds!


Chute Dolly 2
Sullivan’s Chute Dolly
Do you get tired hauling your chute long distances?
Sullivan’s New Chute Dolly is designed to make moving your chute almost effortless. Made from light weight steel tubing with no assembly required, and has 10” no-flat tires. This convenient spring loaded handle with rubber grips lets you pick up your chute with ease, eliminating having to bend over. Simply pull the “T” handle back to lift the chute off the ground with ease. Sullivan’ Chute Dolly’s unique design can allow you to get your chute into most any tight areas with its capability to turn at 90 degree’s.

Sullivan’s Shorty Stall Divider
The Sullivan’s “Shorty” Stall Dividers are the perfect companion to our original stall dividers. The “Shorty” Stall Dividers are great to use in between your 8ft dividers leaving more room behind your stall while keeping your cattle in line. An added bonus to these dividers is that the stall matt will easily fit through the bottom section, allowing you to use the same mat for two or more stalls depending on your mat length.
Place original 8ft dividers at each end of your stalling space, and then use the “Shorty” Stall Divider to split up your cattle in between.
Dimensions 42″h x 48″w x36″h

Sullivan’s Sensation Curve Brush
Introducing Sullivan’s SENSATION CURVE, this NEW twist to our popular SMART SENSATION
delivers even more stimulation to the skin and adds body to the hair coat, making it a hair growth must have. With the SENSATION CURVE’S 302 precisely placed ball point teeth, no hair will be left clinging to the hide. Best for dull, lifeless hair that still needs volume due to lack of base coat. Not only does the SENSATION CURVE contain 134% more teeth than the SMART SENSATION, but the teeth are also narrower and more flexible to allow hair and skin to be stimulated with an even gentler massage. The SENSATION CURVE’s design also has a more rounded curvature to the brush, which encourages more fluid rhythm to the hair working process while the Sullivan’s NEW texturized grip enhances the users comfort. Like the SMART SENSATION, the SENSATION CURVE is healthy for hide and hair. By providing a gentle massage to the hide it stimulates blood flow that releases natural oils from the skin to coat the hair and promote healthy hair growth. This brush will be the perfect addition to your daily hair growing tools.