Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic | Top 10 Heifers

Supreme Heifer
Grand Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer
Sire: Mama’s Boy
Dam: Lucy
Raised by: Dunk
Sold by: Dunk/Olhrich/Rich Nichols
Congratulations to Colton Kleinschmidt

Reserve Supreme Heifer
Grand Champion Angus Heifer
Sire: McKinely
Dam: PVF Blackbird
Sold by: Norris, Troy and Tracey Goretska, Jessie Ahrens
Congratulations to Kali Stratman

Third Overall Heifer
Grand Champion Commercial Heifer
Sire: Primo
Dam: Maine
Bred by: Jeff Jackson and Bob Bruns
Sold by: AK Show Cattle
Congratulations to Jami Hoblyn

Fourth Overall Heifer
Grand Champion Chianina Heifer
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Dam: CWT Angus 41
Raised by: Rodgers
Sold by: Daake
Congratulations to Brinn Space

Fifth Overall Heifer
Grand Champion Mainetainer Heifer
Sire: Maternal Made
Dam: Hard Whiskey
Raised and Sold by: Blind Badger
Congratulations to Allee Maronde

Grand Champion Charolias Heifer
Sixth Overall Heifer
Grand Champion Charolais Heifer
Sire: Turton
Dam MS London
Raised by: Rod Suhar & John Sachau
Sold by: Colton and Aaron
Congratulations to Taylor Heim

Seventh Overall heifer
Grand Champion LimFlex Heifer
Sire: Schilling Yannis
Dam: SSL Katie Keymura
Raised & Sold by: Schilling
Congratulations to Ben Spencer

Eighth Overall Heifer
Champion Hereford Heifer
Sire: Sensation 2296
Dam: Fredrickson Tank
Bred by: BEGALKA
Sold by: Hoffman
Congratulations to Fletcher Larsen

Ninth Overall Heifer
Reserve Champion Mainetainer Heifer
Sire: Style
Dam: Sooner
Raised by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Sullivan Farms/Ahrens
Congratulations to Chase Albers

Tenth Overall Heifer
Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Heifer
Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Statemens Sooner
Raised by: Berren Strope
Congratulations to Berren Strope