Nebraska Cattleman’s Classic (Kearney,NE) | Official Backdrops – Top 10 Market Animals

Supreme Champion Market Animal
Champion Crossbred Steer
Sire: Wynne In Doubt
Bred By: Doris
Sold By: Dillion  Brock
Congratulations to Hadley Hartman


Reserve Supreme Market Animal
Reserve Crossbred Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Bred By: Brad Smith
Sold By: Bremer, CB Cattle, Weise Brothers
Congratulations to Keira Bremer


Third Overall Market Animal
Third Overall Crossbred Steer
Sire: Walks Alone
Dam: 805
Sold By: Doris, Daake & Dorn
Congratulations to Kutter Prinz


Fourth Overall Market Animal
Fourth Overall Crossbred Steer
Sire: In God We Trust
Bred & Sold By: Lucky Strike
Congratulations to Jami Hoblyn


Fifth Overall Market Animal
Champion Chianina Steer
Sire: In God We Trust
Dam: MAB
Bred By: Jason Jensen
Sold By: England
Congratulations to Dayton Billeter


Sixth Overall Market Animal
Fifth Overall Crossbred Steer
Sire: Wynne In Doubt
Dam: Irish Whiskey
Bred By: Mitch Dahnke
Congratulations to Hadley Dunklau


Seventh Overall Market Animal
Reserve Chianina Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Bred By: Pryor
Congratulations to Kathlyn Hauxwell


Eighth Overall Market Animal
Champion Mainetainer Steer
Sire: Daddy’s Money
Dam: Monopoly
Bred & Sold By: Joe Herr
Congratulations to Wyatt Dunklau


Ninth Overall Market Animal
Champion Market Heifer
Congratulations to Chesney Prinz


Tenth Overall Market Animal
Champion Angus Steer
Sire: Style
Bred By: Boyert & Schwartz
Sold By: Brock Show Steers
Congratulations to Kensley Snodgrass