Nebraska AGR Winter Preview Top 7 Breeding Heifers

Champion Breeding Heifer
Champion Angus Breeding Heifer
Sire: 24 Karat
Dam: Casino Queen Ruth
Bred by: Lashmett
Sold by: Weis
Congratulations to Abby Tlach

Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer
Champion Mainetainer Breeding Heifer
Sire: Memphis Mafia
Dam: 885
Bred by: Boyert-Core
Congratulations to Wade Spencer

Third Overall Breeding Heifer
Champion Simmental Breeding Heifer
Sire: Double Up
Dam: Tink
Bred by: Tucker Bayer
Sold by: Weis
Congratulations to Abby Talch

Fourth Overall Breeding Heifer
Champion Maine-Anjou
Sire: Data Bank
Dam: I80
Bred by: Fillion Dhuram
Sold by Jeffs, Welshans
Congratulations to Kutter Prinz

Fifth Overall Breeding Heifer
Champion Foundation Simmental
Sire: Can’t touch this
Dam: Style
Bred by: Schaffer
Sold by: Coor, Webster, and Rae
Congratulations to Kinnely Holmes

Sixth Overall Breeding Heifer
Champion Horned Hereford Breeding Heifer
Sire: Marksman
Sodl by: Trent Ray, Kyle Lemmon
Congratulations to Madelyn Thompson

Seventh Overall Breeding Heifer
Reserve Champion Simmental Breeding Heifer
Sire: Rebel
Dam: 20-20
Bred by: Frankenrider
Sold by: May and Rosebud Cattle Company
Congratulations to Jackie Sleichter