NE AGR Winter Preview | Prospect Animals – Top 7 (Judge Will Coor)

Supreme Champion Prospect Animal
Champion Crossbred Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Dam: I-80
Bred by: Bremer
Sold by: Caldwell, Jones, Bremer and Birdwell
Congratulations to Ross Howard

Reserve Champion Prospect Animal
Champion Maine Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Dam: Frisky Whiskey
Bred by: Webster, Ferguson and Stustman
Congratulations to Lainey DeVries

Third Overall Prospect Animal
Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Bred by: RCC/Simon
Sold by: Jim Hyer
Congratulations to Sydney Wisnefski

Fourth Overall Prospect Animal
Champion Chi Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Whiskey x Kelli
Raised by: Reimann
Sold by: Lucky Strike

Fifth Overall Prospect Animal
Reserve Maine Steer
Sire: Red Rocky
Bred by: Big Foot Ranch
Sold by: Caldwell, Jones and Choate
Congratulations to Malah Bridwell

Sixth Overall Prospect Animal
Champion Charolais Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Dam: Yellow Jacket
Raised by Hellbusch
Sold by Nichols, Ward
Congratulations to Gracie Karst

Seventh Overall Prospect Animal
Champion Simmental Steer
Congratulations to Taylor Rozenboom