National Western | Sullivan Supply Team Fitting Contest

Chase Taylor gets eye level with this tail head while Judge, Justin Johnson watches.

Tyler Vohs dials in this tail head.

Dalton Shanks double fists it to spray this flank with Sullivan’s Black Powder’Ful and Tail Adhesive.

Andrew Jarck uses his Andis Pulse ZR IIs to clip out this back leg.

Chase Williams uses Sullivan’s Black Finisher for some finishing touches on the tail head.

Bailey Weldrop helps his team by pull the belly on their steer.

Isaac Beeson uses a Sullivan’s Doublestuff Teflon Comb and Tail Ahdesive to pull up this front leg.

Baylor Bonham brakes out the big shears to show everyone how it’s really done.

Kaid Reininger perfects the front leg helping his team to win Champion Fitting Team.

Brandi Fuller pulls up a back leg.

Kara Nelson uses some Sullivan’s PrimeTime to ball a tail.

Maggie McStay uses Sullivan’s Ultra White Touch-Up Paint on a Tail Head.

Competitive turnout of the 2019 Sullivan Supply Team Fitting Contest at the National Western!