National Western Stock Show | It’s Our Nature

Cally Jo Copeland will be a master fitter in no time!

Katy Satree-Rucker preps the Champion Chianina Bull with a Sullivan’s 360 Brush.

Can it really be the National Western without Jason Krick?!

Briggston Bertsche helps fit a front leg.

Sullivan’s Break Away & Sullivan’s Hocus Pocus are a great post show combo.

The Boyert/Core crew was busy today, thanks for trusting Sullivan Supply for all your show day needs.

Judge Alan Miller selecting champion Chianina.

Judge Ryan Dunkel points out his reserve Chianina.

Nick Fitz uses a Sullivan’s Phantom Halter while showing for champion Chianina.

Judges Kevin & Brady Jensen discussing a class of Charolais.

Judge Brady Jensen congratulating Cal Pryor on Champion Charolais.