National Western Stock Show | Goat Team Fitting Contest Sponsored by Sullivan Supply

Josie Schippen concentrating fitting a hind leg.


Rylee Anderson can’t get enough of the Powder’Ful!


Sydney Hocker creating the perfect front leg with Tail Adhesive.


Kenna Cooley and Hayden Schroeder, fitting their way to the #1 spot in today’s contest!


These NWSS exhibitors know exactly what to bring to a fitting contest: The fitting essentials.


Shelby Huddleston focused using her SMART comb during the contest.


Judges Tanner and Fallon Fetzer discussing their final selections.


Easton Hill knows how to properly build a get.


Spotted – Allison Hocker double fisting with two fitting favorites.


Sullivan Supply is a proud sponsor of the Team Goat Fitting Contest at the National Western Stock Show!

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