Fort Worth Stock Show Exhibitors – Stock Up Before You Leave!


Sullivan’s Fresh & Feminine
Feminine shape and freshness in the front end of your show animal spells ultimate success or failure in the show ring today. The superior science of Fresh & Feminine™ boosts metabolic fat burning that targets specific areas of the body to reduce fat content, most notably in the neck and brisket area. As a result, your animal has a more feminine, attractive physique and even moves better. This is how it works … the superior science of Fresh & Feminine features a combination of strategic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein sources. This chemistry supports metabolic fat burning that targets specific areas of the body to reduce fat content, most notably in the neck and brisket area. As a result, the cattle have a fresher, more attractive physique. This helps to offset the results seen from aggressive, high energy show cattle diets.



Lindner Shuffle 

  • An electrolyte kit to increase FLUID CONSUMPTION and MUSCLE HYDRATION.
  • Mix 4oz (1 scoop / pack) with 2 gallons of water thoroughly. Administer one set every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Always offer plain water first, then chase with each individual mixed water separately.


Dial N

This liquid energy supplement is quickly accepted with a RAPID result in FRESHNESS. Dial N is a must-use supplement the week before your target shows. 1 to 3 oz per feeding.

  • Protein: 2.75%
  • Fat: 52%
  • Lysine: 0.22%
  • Form: Liquid
  • Medication: N/A

Stand Alone
StandAlone has been formulated to be hassle free, by taking the place of several of todays show supplements, and is a complement to any show cattle ration. The unique blend of multiple source protein and a quality vegetable oil, combine to create a one of a kind product not found in the show industry today.

For steers and heifers under 750 pounds top dress 6-8 oz per head daily. For steers and heifers over 750 pounds top dress 12 oz per head daily. For bulls and donor cows feed 16 oz per head daily for flushing or breeding.


Natural Stride
Natural Stride is a revolutionary, all natural joint supplement that features one of the most exciting advances in joint health for livestock. This component, Cetyl Myristoleate is a powerful esterfied fatty acid that has been shown to have dramatic effects on joint pain, inflammation, joint recovery, and athritic joints. Does not contain glucosamine or MSM. For optimum results, feed Natural Stride daily to your livestock for at least 30 days. • Reduces Pain & Inflammation. • Lubricates Joint Structures. • Enhances Motion & Flexibility of the Joints. • Promotes recovery from joint injuries (100 to 160 day supply)


Anti-Pop is designed for immediate, short-term relief from problematic joints, especially at time of show developed by Champion Show Stock. It specifically targets hock & pastern related problems, and features a unique blend of selenium, essential vitamins, minerals and beneficial herbs. Now available in 80 cc paste tube for convenient administration.


Stock Show Secrets Supplements – Available at Sullivan Supply!

Gold Dust
Time Tested & Banner Approved! Gold Dust is the premier product for show stock. It’s been used to hang banners from coast to coast and border to border on ALL species; Cattle, Goats, Hogs & Sheep! Use it as a drench at Shows, or to supplement a reduction in feed to control bellies. This is a MUST have for every showman and show stock producer.


Ded Hed
DED HED is designed to be an affordable “every day feed supplement” version of Attitude Adjustment. It is ideal for those tightly wound, high strung genetics that make great show animals. This product is not a replacement for Show Day use of Attitude Adjustment, but it is designed to be safely fed for long periods of time while continually making the animal more manageable.

Available in 10 lb pail with a premium screw top lid

Drug free and contains no banned substances.


Big Wig
For those Show Animals that need better hair, don’t use
one of the long line of products out there. Step to the
front of the line and be a Big Wig!

Big Wig is a one of a kind product that does not contain
melatonin. As a result, they won’t ever ‘shuck’ their fluff.
Big Wig works on a cellular level to give the animal the
extra look that judges and fitters will love.

Drug free and contains no banned substances.


3 Hrs Out
3 Hrs Out contains electrolytes and several innovative ingredients to help the animal metabolize energies to give a one of a kind look that will impress the judges. If you’ve ever used prop, you can use this product, get better results without the worry of wrecking one. 3 Hrs Out is a MUST HAVE for every showbox!

3 Hrs Out is easy to administer (the entire 15cc tube, one time, 3 hours before they go into the Ring) gets amazing results!

1 tube contains 15cc
Drug free and contains no banned substances.

Attitude Adjustment
Attitude Adjustment is a paste product that will help settle the effects of stress an animal undergoes during every part of the Stock Show experience; sale prep, breaking to show, grooming/clipping, hauling, etc., allowing the animal and showman to concentrate on the task at hand and to work together without any lethargic appearance.

1 tube contains 60cc
Drug free and contains no banned substances.



Sullivan’s Kleen Sheen
The very best daily hair care formula with ultra shine. Kleen Sheen builds hair strength. It contains a built in hair and skin conditioner and helps train hair. Now with the new Sullivan’s Vita Hair Package that contains Biotin, Pro-Vitamin B-5, and Vitamin E. Animals stay cleaner and dust free. Requires no washing out. Gallon bottle or 4 Gallon case.


Sullivan’s Vita Hair Volumizer Foaming Shampoo 
The first livestock shampoo to scientifically produce hair volume!
Vita Hair Volumizer™ Foaming Shampoo is formulated with a natural plant-based proprietary surfactant technology which creates an opposite acting polar electrical charge within each hair strand that actually pushes every hair follicle apart. Fortified with Sullivan’s VITA HAIR™ a nourishing vitamin package to boost hair and skin health without added weight to hair. Designed to be used in a foamer.
A true “game changer” in hair performance!

NEW Sullivan’s Hydrator Nourishing Conditioner
Scientifically formulated hydrating & nourishing conditioner that uses the hair and skins natural oil make up to formulate the best replenishment of the natural oils and vitamins back into the hair to promote hide and hair health as well has hair growth and strength.


Sullivan’s Rejuvenate
Sullivan’s Rejuvenate Shampoo offers olive oil, pomegranate extract, and Vita Skin package that leaves the skin on all species silky smooth. This makes the perfect non-degreasing shampoo. Rejuvenate cleans while leaving key natural oils in place to preserve the skin and hide. This shampoo is safe for everyday use without concern for dryness and irritation. With its mild antiseptic and toning properties, Sullivan’s Rejuvenate Shampoo helps tighten pores and tone the skin. The Vita Skin package contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin C. A true “game-changer” in hair performance!


Sullivan’s Revive & Revive Lite
Sullivan’s Revive is a revolutionary product to promote healthy and beautiful hair coats. Revive restores natural oil and nutrients to the skin and hair to bring life and vigor to dull, dry hair. Now available with Sullivan’s new Vita Hair Package that contains Biotin, Pro-Vitamin B-5, and Vitamin E. Great for use at home to nourish the hair or use it at the show as a grooming aid.


Sullivan’s Natural White
Sullivan’s Natural White is uniquely designed to enhance the skin, hair, and wool of all livestock leaving the animal with a lighter and brighter appearance. It is a dye-free whitening shampoo, infused with coconut oil that can be used daily, without purple staining. We recommend using Natural White with a Soap Foamer for the best coverage on the animal.