National Junior Shorthorn Show | Bred and Owned Female – Top 5

Champion Bred and Owned Female
SS Max Rosa Rumor Et
Sire: Little Cedar Aviator
Dam: CYT Max Cy Rosa 1110
Bred by: Samantha Schrag
Congratulations to Samantha Schrag

Reserve Bred and Owned Female
QK Playful Defiance 1801
Sire: DJS Outsider
Dam: QJ Playful Diamond
Bred by: Kyle Bird
Congratulations to Kyle Bird

Third Overall
SULL LGF Rubys Knights
Sire: SULL Red Knight
Dam: SULL Blooded Ruby
Bred by: John Gellerman
Congratulations to John Gellerman

Fourth Overall
GCC Maxim Margie 81 ET
Sire: CYT Maxim
Dam: D&D Margies Beauty 610S
Bred by: Kolten Greenhorn
Congratulations to Kolten Greenhorn

Fifth Overall
HAHN Elizabeth C11D
Sire: DPH Contender SP2104
Dam: Hahn Elizabeth T23A
Bred by: Braden Hahn
Congratulations to Braden Hahn