Salers Junior National Show | Day I Candids

Salers Junior Nationals are underway and we are staying cool in the beautiful air conditioned Crossroads Arena! Great families and a great facility have everyone in high spirits to start off the week!

Taylor Goering and Josie Beltz have some fun monkeying around at the stalls!

Sullivan’s Black Heat neck sweats are a must in Corinth for some last minute show preparation.

Easton Liebhart is all smiles as he works away to dry his calf with his Sullivan’s Air Express III Blower.

Preston Kellner sporting a smirk as he catches some flack from his dad while working hair on his calf. Sullivan’s Kleen Sheen and a Sullivan’s Smart Scrub are some of Preston’s key tools. 

Junior Board Member Sierra Rodriguez shows some sass and hands over a Sullivan’s Smart Comb to let Jason Beltz know he missed a spot!

There was an intense water balloon fight at our Ultimate Warrior Bootcamp!

A great turnout for our Ultimate Warrior Bootcamp!

Sullivan Supply sponsored the opening ceremonies exhibitor giveaway!

The state of Arkansas receiving their exhibitor giveaways from Callyn Hahn, Small Animal New Product Development.

A beautiful tribute to outstanding exhibitor Justin Rose, as his parents Dwayne and Amie Rose listen to some kind words from the junior board members.