National Junior Chianina Show – Chiangus Females

Overall Champion Chiangus Female
ARD Ridge Diamond Girl 22B
Sire: Bad Romance 913
Dam: ARD Ridge Diamond Girl 22Z
Bred by: Caroline Cowles
Congratulations to Collin Howd of Tennessee!

Reserve Champion Chiangus Female
HIGG Belle 433B
Sire: Plainview Lutton E102
Dam: HBSC Wiggle with a view 704X
Bred by: Amelia Higgins
Congratulations to Grant Vickland of Colorado!

3rd Overall Chiangus Femals
HBSC Violet 302A
Sire: SAV Cinch 1248
Dam: BJ 872 P
Bred by: Holt Brothers
Congratulations to Haley Haverback of Illinois!