Monumental Monday | Oklahoma Youth Expo

Judge Frank Ward selects Kelton Arthur as champion purebred.

McKenzie Layton and Abby Emberson celebrate their special moment together.

Judge Tyler Winegardner comes in hot for his champion influence heifer.

Blayne Arthur hugs her son, Kelton after a successful day.

The Beast, changing the game, one stall at a time.

Lane Smith breaks his calf done at the wash rack.

The finishing touches.

Hogs aboard!

Tag team for Clara Cross and Keely Peacock.

Turner Longacre gets one dry.

Last minute snack in the chute for Jaelyn Koontz and her heifer.


Jenna Craft and McKenzie Layton bawling like babies.


Grandpa Arthur celebrates as his grandson wins champion purebred.


The Griswold family jumpin’ for joy.

Brooklyn Matlock and her family are lights out!