Monday, the Charolais Way | Junior National Charolais Show

While working for The Pulse, we get the neat opportunity to see cattle change from show to show. It’s great to see junior Payton Beare work hard and bring her Charolais steer out at junior nationals!

Cade Currier isn’t afraid to use some old fashioned elbow grease and a rice root brush when it comes to working hair. Meanwhile, Wesly Johnson thinks a comb will do.

Courtney Greer chats it up at Pump up the Volume with Callyn Hahn, Small Animal New Product Development.

During junior activities, Eugene Meyer lends a helping hand to get that leg hair correct with the Sullivans Smart Scrub.

Briggston Bertsche isn’t afraid to get in and help Haley Schwecke feed her heifer, Peaches, with the new Sullivan’s Smart Feed Scoop.

Did you join us at Pump up the Volume this morning? Don’t miss our Pump up the Volume events during other junior nationals!

Roscoe the calf knows that Mondays are for napping.

So does Kyndal Reitzenstein…

Stock Show U Intern and Charolais gal, Kiley Elder, helps Kyle Booth Pump up the Volume this morning!

Brandon Pacheco leads the California group out to tie outs tonight.

Along with hard work, using the right tools on your calf can make all the difference. Stop by the Sullivan Supply trailer and pick up your own Sullivan’s Smart Scrub and Top Gun Sprayer to fill with one of our many sheens and conditioners!