Minnesota Beef Expo | Terrific Day in the Twin Cities

Paisley Nesler working hair this morning with her Sullivan’s Smart comb.


Lacey Schmitz blowing out one of their sale heifers with her Beast blower.


Victoria Wildeman trusting her Air Express III to get her Charolais heifer this cool morning.


Aiden Schroeder clipping his calf’s shoulder at this first Minnesota Beef Expo.


Mckenzie Springborn clipping her heifer’s topline in style with her Flare hoodie.


Once again, the Beast is trusted to get the job done in the barns!


Don’t worry, the Minnesota Beef Expo exhibitors weren’t the only ones loving the sunshine outside the barns.


It has been said that the best way to shape out a calf is with your best buddies.

Jeana Hurlbut evaluating a hard heat of 11 and 12 year-old showman during showmanship.