Minnesota Beef Expo | Team Fitting Contest Sponsored by Sullivan Supply

Mathew Frieman shaping a tailhead to help his team claim Champion honors.


Matalyn Martinson recommends using Powder’Ful before clipping on a backleg.


Caleb Vancura uses is cordless Andis clipper to master a tailhead.


Kate and Aubree Schmidt work together to make the front leg on their calf look 100%.


Taylor Long pulling up a front leg with Tail Adhesive and a Teflon comb.


Team #7 might not have agreed on a team name today, but they sure can work together when fitting a calf.


Judge Magen Tol watches over the teams to make her final decision.


Abigail Nelson using a Teflon comb to fit a tailhead.


Nick Rossman focused on mastering his back leg during the contest.


Team “Always Late but Worth the Wait” puts full trust in Sullivan Supply when fitting a heifer.