Minnesota Beef Expo | Serious Steer Saturday in St. Paul

What a nice day in Minnesota to fit fat steers!


Spotted: Jason Capstske lone fitting on a prospect with all his favorite show day products.


Neil Johnson is dialed in clipping a topline on his sale heifers.


Seth Kaehler shaping out a tailhead.


Fun Fact: Sullivan’a Fitting Mats are super comfy to take an afternoon naps on.


Sydney Zehnder all smiles while heading to the show ring,


Zola Olson using Tail Adhesive to pull up a front leg.


Cheramie Viator sorting through a tough steer class during the market show.


S/S National Sale Representatives, Trevor Biley and Josh Brink, helping a customer.


Jace Taylor all focused as he is about to head into the ring for final drive with his Champion Crossbred Steer.