MHJNA Mini Hereford Nationals | Mini Memories Being Made!

Ribbons were awarded to the showmanship exhibitors today.

Piper Mcintyre was on her a-game for showmanship!

Chris Thorson provided the crowd with a “smoke show” during adult showmanship.

Nothing like a vacation to Mini Hereford Nationals!

Blakely Murphy brought the intensity to showmanship.

Thank you Mary Greiman for judging showmanship and spending time with the kids today.

The costume parade. brought out some incredible costumes! Haven Sandstrom dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

The judges for the costume party were members of the Washington County Fairboard!

Colton Husmann dressed up as Curious George!

Willa Sandstrom decided to come as a princess and a “Bull” frog!