Meet Best of the Barns Hog Showman – Hadley Hendrickson

 Hadley Hendrickson is no stranger to early mornings and late nights in the barn. Her dedication to her show animals drove her to be this years Best of the Barns Hog Showman. Sullivan Supply couldn’t be any more proud to congratulate this Indiana native on this accomplishment!

Most Memorable Show:
My most memorable show was the Indiana State Fair in 2018. That entire year the only thing I could think about was August when I would step onto the dirt with my steer Fuzz and my barrow Milo. The goal that I had set that year was to win the Indiana State Fair steers and barrows. My parents continued to tell me how hard of a goal that was to achieve, but I would not stop until it was achieved. When August came, both Todd Caldwell and Travis Platt thought I had the steer and barrow to get it done. When the time came to show my animals I knew that all of the late nights in the barn, and early mornings when I would bring calves had to amount to something. When I won both the crossbred steer and barrow show, the grand drive on the coliseum floor was such an indescribable experience that I will never forgot. When Fuzz and Milo were both slapped for Grand Champion I knew that all of the hard work that was done in the barn was worth it.

Most Memorable Show Animal:
My most memorable animal is my cross gilt named Carly.  She had the best personality and whenever we entered the showring you would definitely remember her…..she knew she was a great one.  She ended up Grand Champion Cross Gilt at the 2022 National Junior Summer Spectacular.


What is your go to song for road trips:
Unstoppable by Sia

What are you most excited about in the future:
I am most excited about showing my steer Apollo at Kansas City.  Apollo is a very special animal and I feel extremely blessed to have him in my barn.  His attitude is like no other animal I have ever had the chance to own.  He is sweetest boy to work with but he gets really nervous when we get in the ring. He needs me as much as I need him….that is the BEST feeling on earth…we are true teammates.

What’s one interesting fact about yourself:

Outside of showing animals I also love to play school and club volleyball.  Playing sports and showing livestock year around makes my schedule extremely busy but somehow we always seem to get it all accomplished.

Favorite Sullivan Supply Product:
Champions Choice is my favorite product because I love to see the transformation that it does to your pigs skin and hide.  It also is great to put on them in the summer when you are walking your pigs during the day. Champions Choice gets the dark ones really dark and makes them look really good in the showring.


What’s your Favorite Motivational Quote:
The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Tips/Tricks for Success on Showing:
Everyone works hard and puts in the long days in the barn to get their livestock to their goal but the tip I want to share is to always stay humble and trust in God’s plan that he has for you.  This is no easy task because I might be one of the most competitive people around and when I set a goal and it doesn’t go the way I hoped for it is HARD to accept.  The amazing thing is that when I look back everything happened for a reason and I might not be able to see it in the moment but God ALWAYS shows me his why later.  So my tip for everyone out there is you have to have FAITH in God’s plan it is way big than anything or anyone.

Any key show day routines or at home prep that played a part in your success:
Get up early and beat your competitor to the barn.  Whether it is bringing cattle in, walking pigs to build stamina, or bracing sheep, animals always work better in the morning when it is cool and they are fresh.


Best Advice you ever received and your advice to future showman:
Practice like you’ve never won and perform like you’ve never lost.

Keep on grinding Hadley and congratulations again on being selected as the 2022 Best of the Barns Hog Showman. Good luck to her and all the junior exhibitors as we all gear up for a fun family filled stock show summer. If you see any of these showman around be sure to congratulate them. Sullivan Supply looks forward to seeing you at a stock show this summer!

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