Meet Best of the Barns Goat Showman – Hayden Schroeder

Hard work and dedication pay off and it did just that for Texas native, Hayden Schroeder. Sullivan Supply is proud to have Hayden as a member of the stock show family and even more excited to recognize him as the 2022 Best of the Barns Goat Showman of the Year.
Most Memorable Show:
Kansas City (The American Royal) 2019—was the year that I two-holed the goat show. It was when I got a lot more recognition for being a competitor on the national level.
 Most Memorable Show Animal:
My most memorable animal would have to be my 2021 champion goat at Kansas City. His name was Mystery Pants, which I made up, with help from my friend Madden Wise. He was truly one of the coolest goats, with the best personalities that I ever had in the barn. He was the first to come and stand on the fence, and ask to be “petted” at his gate. He had a routine when you went in the pen to catch him. He ran to the back, ran two circles and then he was ready for the chain!
What is your go to song for road trips:
My go to song would definitely be Broken Window Serenade by Whiskey Myers. One of my all time favorites and I can sing every word
 What are you most excited about in the future:
I think I am most excited about livestock judging in college over the next couple of years. I am excited to continue to work to be successful and make friends along the way.
 What’s one interesting fact about yourself:
One interesting fact is that I love to workout. I try to go to the gym every chance I get.
Favorite Sullivan Supply Product:
I would say Tail Adhesive. I can’t name a national show that I’ve won without it.
What’s your Favorite Motivational Quote:
I have several favorites, but this sums it up:
“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” —Estée Lauder
Tips/Tricks for Success on showing:
I believe the biggest tip I can give is to stay in the barn. No matter how much you don’t want to, time in the barn is what drives you to win. I spent countless hours in the show barn, and coincidently the more time I put in the better I did!
Any key show day routines or at home prep that played a part in your success:
I believe on show day, you need to just stay focused. There are things and even people who can distract you, but you are there for a reason and you have to train your mind to be bigger than any of those distractions. I always made sure and went into the ring with a plan so I could execute it to the best of my abilities.
Best Advice you ever received and your advice to future showman: 
The best advice I ever received was to “trust the process”. I spent a lot of my time [early on] worrying about what to do and what was going to happen. Once I made the decision to just work as hard as possible and trust that the hard work I was doing at home would drive me to success, is when I started to have a lot more fun and success.
Congratulations again Hayden on being recognized for your uncanny showmanship skills. Good luck to him and all the junior exhibitors as we all gear up for a fun family filled stock show summer. Stay tuned as we get to know more of the 2022 standout showmen this week.