Maine and Chianina Jr. Nationals | Team Fitting Competition

It’s apparent that Keagan Steck sure loves his Sullivan Supply products when fitting a leg.

Sullivan Supply loves supporting the team fitting competition each year with prizes.

Kelton Arthur perfecting a back leg to help lead him and his teammates to a 1st place finish in their division.

Will Miller using the Andis Pulse ZR2 cordless clippers to get the tailhead looking spot on.

Team Fitting Judges, Brent Bowman and Cory Thomsen, discussing the top end of teams during the tough Senior division.

The Olympics isn’t the only place where you can get a medal for being on the top of the competition.

Parker Chestnut and Kade Banter truly believe in the saying, “Teamwork makes the DREAM work.”

Reid Barker using the perfect amount of Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive on a back leg.

These custom wrapped Sullivan Supply showboxes are an eye-catcher!

You could say that Kaylee Jennings brought her A game to the competition this morning.